What You Can Bring In

 Every visitor over 21 years of age may bring in, free of duty, the following: (1) 1 liter of wine or hard liquor; (2) 200 cigarettes, 150 cigars (but not from Cuba), or 3 pounds of smoking tobacco; and (3) $100 worth of gifts. These exemptions are offered to travelers who spend at least 72 hours in the United States and who have not claimed them within the preceding 6 months. Foreign tourists may bring in or take out up to $10,000 in U.S. or foreign currency with no formalities; larger sums must be declared to U.S. Customs upon entering or leaving, which includes filing form CM 4790. For more specific information regarding U.S. Customs, contact your nearest U.S. embassy or consulate, or the U.S. Customs office (tel. 202/927-1770;
What You Can Bring Home--Check with your countrys Customs or Foreign Affairs department for the latest guidelines--including information on items that are not allowed to be brought into your home country--just before you leave home.
U.K. citizens should contact HM Customs Excise Passenger Enquiries (tel. 020/7202 4227), or visit
For a clear summary of Canadian rules, visit the comprehensive Web site of the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency at
Citizens of Australia should request the helpful Australian Customs brochure Know Before You Go, available by calling tel. 1-300/363-263 from within Australia, or 61-2/6275-6666 from abroad. For additional information, go online to and click on hints for australian travellers.
For New Zealand Customs information, contact New Zealand Customs Service at tel. 09/359-6655, or go online to